Job details

Basket Handler
Stevenage Bakery

Job reference: SET-SBX-02893

Location: Stevenage Bakery

Closing date: 28/02/2019

Job start date: 01/04/2019

Salary: £17,861.21

Employment type: Permanent

Department: Not specified

Employer: Allied Bakeries

Hours per week: 42

Key Accountabilities:
•Each Shift Basket handler is required to attend a shift handover meeting in full Bakery PPE in the basket wash prior to start of shift. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss any issues from the previous shift for example
•Basket wash system issues to be handed over.
•Engineering issues will be communicated at handover.
•GMP issues will be communicated at handover
•At the start of each shift check that there are enough baskets to complete your shift and inform the Shift Front Line manager or his deputy if you believe that you may run out
•Each Basket wash handler will then hand over to their respective counterpart for work area as per the manning sheet.
•To remove debris from baskets prior to loading baskets onto basket wash conveyors.
•All CAYG equipment in place on shadow boards and in good, clean working condition.
•Area is clean and all damaged baskets are stored correctly
•Check that basket wash and dry machine is functioning correctly and call an engineer if any issues found. Water temperature and chemical dosing checks should be carried out several times throughout each shift and results recorded accurately
•Ensure all conveyor systems are working and functioning correctly, and to call an engineer if any issues found
•During operation, clear any basket jams or obstructions in the system. This is only to be carried as per Safety procedures
•Ensure all recycled material is stored in the correct bins provided and in the correct storage location
•Ensure all rubbish bins are emptied and stored in the correct locations
•Complete daily glass audits for the area
•Monitor basket wash water temperature (from panel) and report issues
•Support Continuous Improvement initiatives in work area
•Ensure that shutdown hygiene tasks are carried out as per standard operating procedures
•Liaise with Engineers

Skills and Experience:
•Able to accurately read and record information
•Good communication skills

•Some working at height and manual handling training is required in order to complete all tasks
•Ability to work weekends and flexible regarding hours of work




The closing date for this job has now passed.