Hygiene Supervisor

Job Reference : YOR-WAK-02415
Location : Wakefield
Closing Date : 31/10/2017
Jobs Start Date : 04/12/2017
Salary : Competitive
Department : Speedibake - Hygiene
Employer : Speedibake
Hours Per week : 46

Directly responsible for 15 direct reports managing their workload. Work closely with all internal teams and external suppliers. Must offer advice and reasoned decisions on a variety of Hygiene issues that affect the business. Manage the hygiene team as a working Supervisor Directly responsible for keeping the hygiene team motivated and working efficiently and effectively. To be aware of the latest hygiene issues.



  • Maintain and improve the pre-determined deep clean schedules and daily cleaning schedules. These include the high level cleaning, silo cleaning, confined space cleaning etc…

    • To manage a team of trained operators ensuring compliance with the pre-determined schedules

    • To ensure the use of appropriate cleaning chemicals purchased from approved suppliers


  • To ensure all safety procedures and legal requirements are adhered to

    • Ensure hygiene operatives adhere to safety precautions

    • Ensure contractors adhere to company safety and hygiene procedures

    • Ensure departmental adherence to COSHH regulations


  • To monitor and trend stream adherence to individual hygiene schedules

    • To complete audits of stream and deep clean hygiene schedules

    • To complete period trending to show adherence to stream hygiene schedules


  • To manage all methods of verifying hygiene methods and schedules

    • To ensure adherence with chemical dilution requirements in accordance to the hygiene schedules

    • In conjunction with the Quality Assurance team ensure verification of effective cleaning methods


  • To investigate any non conformance in relation to pest control, hygiene, finished product microbiological analysis and plant swabbing with a view to evaluate the hygiene schedules effectiveness

    • To complete all investigations in conjunction with the Quality Assurance team and other relevant Departmental Managers


  • To co-ordinate pre-determined fogging schedules with the deep clean schedules

    • To liaise with the external pest control contractor or the QA Manager in order to ensure the fogging treatments are within schedule


  • To develop and train all personnel within the department

    • To complete performance development reviews through all levels within the department

    • To ensure adequate training for all personnel within the department


  • To deliver continuous improvement in factory hygiene standards

  • To deliver all role requirements within budget

  • Flexible approach to working patterns to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.
  • Provide the Manufacturing team with relevant information to resolution of hygiene issues


This position is now closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this position.